NOVEMBER 26, 2018
"Hello Lorie, I hope this email makes it's way to you. My mother, wife, and six year old daughter Emily just saw your show in New Ulm. Emily has been taking piano lessons for almost a year. She was so excited to see you as I'm sure everyone was. She got dressed up because she said, "that's what Lorie does." When that little girl got home with her Bell and music book and a smile from ear to ear well it was awesome. She explained how she got to go on stage and hold a big ring up for the twelve day's of Christmas song. She asked us if we thought someday she could play pretty like Lorie does and if people would come to see her play on a stage. Of course as a parent you say yes if you try hard enough it will happen. So thanks for bringing joy to many and inspiring Emily to keep practicing. She's currently mastered jingle bells. smiley Your a great role model for our daughter. Thank you for what you do." - Grateful Father Jeff.

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