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Celebrating over 30 years of touring

Lorie Line was inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame in 2015. She joins the ranks with Bob Dylan, Prince and Judy Garland. 

Lorie grew up in Reno, Nevada and has been playing the piano since age 5. As a child prodigy, she won many annual Statewide piano competitions. Classically trained, she graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a BA in Music, Piano Performance. In 1986, she married Tim Line, moved to Minneapolis and landed the perfect job, serenading shoppers at the piano for Dayton's department stores. It was from here that Midwestern fans took notice of her musical talent and style and her career took off.  

Since then, Lorie has recorded 65 CDs and has published over 50 books of music. Pianists say she has "changed church music forever" and that she "just keeps getting better." She has sold 6 million albums (1 million at Dayton's, 3 million in a Chex cereal box and 2 million on her own) and may very well be the most published arranger in modern day times. She has over 700 songs available to download on Sheet Music Plus/ArrangeMe. 

Lorie has just under one million active Lorie Line Pandora Radio listeners. Her music has streamed 716 million times (two songs have over 100 million spins). She has toured the United States for 33 consecutive years, performing on over 2000 stages. Lorie has never taken one business course, but may own one of the largest independent labels in the world. She continues to be the hardest working woman in show biz, touring and performing about 50 concerts each year.

Over the years, Lorie has produced three television specials for PBS. She's performed with the Minnesota Orchestra and has played the national anthem for numerous gatherings including the playoffs for the Minnesota Twins. The first "famous" person she entertained in her home was Governor Jesse Ventura. Since then she has played (and cooked) for Presidential candidates, Congressmen, Senators and more Governors. She has performed for three Presidents in her career -Bill Clinton and George W. Bush on Friends and Family Day at the White House (2000), and Donald J. Trump at Mar-a-Lago in the Grand Ballroom (2024). She has played at several notable memorial services including Prince (family and friends private service), Kirby Puckett, and her beloved Congressman Jim Ramstad. She has also performed at The Crystal Cathedral (in California) for Hour of Power. In 2002, she was Entrepreneur of the Year for Ernst & Young. She received the Professional Achievement Award from the University of Nevada, Reno (2005).

Her grass roots story has been published in hundreds of news articles and in Noah Adams' 1997 book "Piano Lessons." Her beautiful home has been featured in numerous national magazines (including the cover of Better Homes & Gardens). Lorie's glamorous gowns have been showcased in museums and she may own one of the largest private costume collections in the country. 

Fans love her blogs as she shares personal stories of inspiration quarterly (posted on her web site). She loves to cook and has been published in Betty Crocker Holiday Cooking With Friends. She has recently taken on a new venture and now hosts a dozen private concerts (The Living Room Series) where "super fans" come from all over the world to spend the evening with her and see her perform on her own stage in her own home. 

Lorie has been married to her business partner, Tim (alias Santa) for 37 years.  Over the years they have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities. In 2023 they will be launching The Tim and Lorie Line Foundation (a dream come true!). They are both active gardeners and Lorie has been a member of the Wayzata Garden Club for over 20 years. 

Tim and Lorie have two adult children and are now empty nesters. They have resided on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota for 27 years.



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