Dear Fans,

Recently I have been playing for some wonderful parties and it has been so enjoyable! I'm loving it! There was a time in my life when I quit playing for special events because I was constantly on the road touring and/or raising children. But, as many of you know, the kids are well gone and my schedule is such these days that I'm only hosting The Living Room Series and touring at Christmastime . . . which allows me the opportunity to slip in and play for unique and fabulous occasions.

I'm finding that my fans who have followed me for years are having milestone events, once-in-a-lifetime parties, memorable family reunions, and even very precious funerals. My music has had a special place in their lives. If that's the case and you'd like to have me show up, I'd love to be a part of the celebration.

Email us your request and tell us about your event. I'll be there!

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