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Our warehouse space is being taken over by the main tenant in the building, so we are having to downsize and get rid of many items in our theatrical inventory. We will be selling touring pieces from the past . . . props, set pieces, Wenger decks (drum riser), Beachcomber drum set (white), hundreds of costumes and hats, gowns, theatre shoes, hundreds of childrens winter costumes (including a North Pole scene and a Natvity scene), theatrical wigs, suits, special fabrics and trims, sound and lighting gear. Come and shop the collection of 30 years of touring and performing. Perfect for theatres, performing arts centers, high schools, churches, lighting and sound engineers, artists and musicians and costume collectors!  All items will be displayed and on sale at the Black Forest Inn banquet room in downtown Minneapolis (Uptown area) and everything will be priced to move! First-come, first-served. We will accept credit cards and cash. See you there! 

For pictures of theatrical items on sale: https://www.estatesales.net/MN/Minneapolis/55404/2129859

For information on the Black Forest Inn Banquet Room:  http://www.blackforestinnmpls.com/ 

1 East 26th StreetMinneapolis, MN 55404

This event is professionally managed by Tim Carroll. Pictured below are items to be loaded onto the truck on Wednesday!

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