Christmas In The City

CDReleased November 2015

Features 14 Christmas songs including Believe (from The Polar Express), music from Home Alone (Overture and Somewhere In My Memory); Christ Is Born (as sung by Karen Carpenter); Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep (from White Christmas); Please Come Home For Christmas; Rejoice And Be Merry/Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella; Linus and Lucy (the Peanuts theme song); Little Altar Boy; Three Minor Ballads (Blessed Be That Maid Marie, Ballade De Jesus-Christ, Only A Manger Bed); The Holy City (featuring vocalist Tyler Wasburg), and The Road To Bethlehem (a Lorie Line original).



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1 Believe (from the Polar Express) $1.29
2 Home Alone $1.29
3 Christ Is Born $1.29
4 Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep $1.29
5 Linus And Lucy $1.29
6 Please Come Home For Christmas $1.29
7 Rejoice And Be Merry $1.29
8 Little Altar Boy $1.29
9 Blessed Be That Maid Marie $1.29
10 Ballad of Jesus $1.29
11 Only In A Manger Bed $1.29
12 The Holy City $1.29
13 The Road To Bethlehem $1.29

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The Heritage Collection, Volume Eight


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