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Music Book - Easy ListeningReleased 1996

Songs in the Music Book include: Minuet In G, Joyful, Joyful, Heart And Soul, Back Porch Swing, The Dream Web, Amazing Grace, Threads Of Love, Au Claire, We Gather Together, Moments Unrehearsed, Americana Folk Medley, Dust To Stardust, The Harvest, Penguin Shuffle

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If you do not see the song listed, it is not available as a download due to licensing requirements. The song is however, available in the Music Book.

1 Minuet In G $5.99
2 Joyful, Joyful $5.99
3 Heart And Soul $5.99
4 Back Porch Swing $5.99
5 The Dream Web $5.99
6 Amazing Grace $5.99
8 Au Claire $5.99
9 We Gather Together $5.99
10 Moments Unrehearsed $5.99
11 Americana Folk Medley $5.99
12 Dust To Stardust $5.99
13 The Harvest $5.99
14 The Penguin Shuffle $5.99

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