This is an annual license which grants permission and covers any and all of Lorie's original and/or public domain arrangements to enable streaming or podcast of recorded worship services. This annual license must be updated each year.


CD / DVD / Family Video / Slide Show

$10 per song. Use of Lorie’s music is intended for small, independent projects (less than 100 copies manufactured). This license is for shorter projects (10 minutes or less), family videos, wedding videos and power point presentations. License not intended for resale.

Please provide a credit as outlined below.

Song Title
Courtesy of Lorie Line


Web Site / Streaming / YOUTUBE / FACEBOOK

$10 per song. Use of Lorie’s music is intended to enhance your website or YouTube project. It is for unlimited use to stream on your web site. No downloading of song. Please embed the music in a secure manner. This license allows for one song per web site. If you have 2 web sites and want to use the same tune we request that you purchase an additional license. 10 minutes or less.

Please provide a credit as outlined below.

Song Title
Courtesy of Lorie Line

Radio and Television Advertising

$10 per song. This license covers the use a of Lorie’s songs and you can run the spot as much as you would like. If the ad is revised, altered, changed we ask that you purchase a new license for the new spot.



On-Hold Music / Lobby Music / Office Music

$10 per song. The license covers the use of Lorie’s tune as long as you would like to use it. One license per site. Please purchase additional licenses for additional sites.

Please provide a credit to inquiries.

Song Title
Courtesy of Lorie Line

Film / Motion Picture / Video

$100 per song. The intent of this license is for small, independent projects (non-commercial). Not intended for use on broadcast television, in the theater or distributed on a mass scale via DVD or download.

Please provide a credit as outlined below.

Song Title
Courtesy of Lorie Line


  • License is valid for the purchaser only and is non-transferable (single user).
  • You are licensing the use of the song. You don’t own the copyright.
  • Our license is designed to compliment your existing product or project.
  • Songs under our license program cannot be included in any commercial product that is mass produced (over 100 units) or distributed on the internet via iTunes or other similar music services.
  • The use of Lorie’s music in a theatrical film or television broadcast are not covered by this license program.
  • Song(s) licensed cannot be included in projects that may be inappropriate for children (containing excessive violence, profanity, sex or nudity).
  • Licensed tunes cannot be redistributed, traded, made available for download, or otherwise transferred to anyone else. You may not include in a project that allows the end-customer to transfer the songs for personal use.
  • This is not a license to resell Lorie’s music. You can’t license Lorie’s music, create your own CD or DVD of her songs and resell it as your own product. This would be a copyright violation.


If your desired song or song usage isn’t covered above, contact Please include a brief description of your project, any specifics and the song(s) you would like to license. We aim to please!!!!!


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